Royal Motor Yacht Club Point Piper

Personal Trainer, Tennis Coach, Aerial Acrobatics Coach

Christian Abarca Galaz

Phone: 0416 942 232
Email: [email protected]
Instagram Handle: chris_clbr

Christian Galaz studied personal training and group fitness instruction, dance teaching and aerial circus to find new ways to move and stretch. He loves to tailor individual programs for each person and specific characteristics, fostering their knowledge of the importance of strength training, mobility, and injury rehabilitation, particularly coming back from inactivity or injury. 

He holds a Bachelor of Business & Administration; a Certificate III & IV in Personal Training; a Certificate III & IV in Dance Teaching; Diploma in Fitness (Tennis).

At the Royal Motor Yacht Club, my aim is to provide guidance for members returning to exercise form injuries and inactivity as well as providing regular PT sessions for strength & functional training. 

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