Royal Motor Yacht Club Point Piper

Yoga Teacher

Julian Calvo

Phone: 0412 414 725
Email: [email protected]

Julian Calvo has been involved with teaching and practicing yoga for over 30 years, incorporating Iyengar; Astanga; Hatha and numerous other techniques. He owned and ran a yoga school for 20 years, developing a deep knowledge of body mechanics.  

The foundation of Julian’s philosophy is that yoga should teach you strength, flexibility and balance, in perfect harmony. Most of us excel at only one or two of these, so need to focus on the part that is lacking. It is no good being highly flexible if you do not have the strength to back it up, and vice-versa. Students are encouraged to target their weaknesses, in order to create a balanced and liberating yoga experience.

There is also a strong emphasis on the breath as the foundation to all yoga.  For individuals with tighter bodies private tuition is recommended to achieve better results.

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