Royal Motor Yacht Club Point Piper

Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation

Michelle Rogers

Phone: 0411 558 636
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Rogers is committed to creating a supportive gym space to help achieve physical health, mobility and mental wellbeing, in a safe environment. She is highly qualified and experienced in the health and fitness industry, with a Bachelor and Masters of Education; Certificate III and IV in Fitness (Aust.); and is a level 3 personal trainer.

She is also certified in injury prevention, rehabilitation, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics; fascial fitness anatomy; falls prevention; restoring optimal function – neck, shoulder, core and pelvis; stretch therapy; core strength, stability and functional training; as well as risk management.

Her training specialties are rehabilitation; strength and vitality; mobility; balance and neuroplasticity of the brain.

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